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Auckland Council

Auckland Council

An aspect of buying your new home or property is performing ‘Due Diligence’. Finding out all you can about the property or home you are looking at purchasing.

A question a family or individual often has when looking for a new home is; What is the council doing in this area and what plans do they have for this area, if any?

And this is an important and valid question. Auckland’s growth is galloping along at a phenomenal rate and all suburbs of the Greater Auckland Area are in for changes in the coming years. How this affects the Patumahoe area can be found by following the links provided into the various plans and strategies that Auckland Council have formalised or are in the process of formalising;

The Franklin and Papakura District Plans can be accessed by following this linkDistrict Plans for Franklin & Papakura

There are several Regional Planningdocuments which contain guidance and rules about managing the use, development and protection of the natural and physical resources of the region including discharges to the environment and the use of the coastal marine area. The existing documents will continue to apply across the region until a new Auckland Council unitary plan is developed. These plans can be accessed via the following link;Regional Plans

At local level there are also the Local Board Plans to be considered as well, these are devised by the Local Boards every three years and are the blueprint for the councils activities within your catchment area, plase access by the following links;                                        Franklin Local Board Plansor Papakura Local Board Plans

Governing the council’s activities is the Unitary Plan; Unitary Plan

For a more expansive scrutinyof the Auckland Council’s activities please follow the link; Auckland Council Plans and Policies