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Sione Yerkovich

Licensee Salesperson

Honest, reliable and driven. When dealing with your home this is usually your prime asset, and these three values are imperative for success. Sione lives and breathes these qualities and with him; results are guaranteed.

When selling your house you need honesty and integrity, you want your journey to be successful  and smooth and you want to know the facts along the way, what where and how. Sione understands the significance of these things. Having been brought up by parents in sales he was, by default; brought up as a sales man himself. This is how Sione learnt the key ingredient “honesty is imperative to building any relationship”.

It’s now established that you’ve found an honest and reliable agent, but what will warrant their victory? Arguably, the most influential factor to Sione’s success, is that he is always driven. Driven to succeed, driven to improve, driven to go above and beyond what is expected of him. With such strong ambition, there is no room for fault.

Sione provides a new and intriguing outlook to the industry. He’s a relatable person that can ease the most stressful situation into comfort and stability. With his creative point of view, his sought-out qualities and team based support he is set up for success, and by proxy: so are you.

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