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Regan Crummer

Licensee Salesperson

Regan grew up in South Auckland, a community that he is proud to call home. Born of Rarotongan, and English descent, he was fortunate to grow up in a household that encouraged strong values, in particular, those of honesty, integrity, good stewardship, and hard work.   

Regan was blessed to be given the opportunity from an early age to learn classical music , something that taught discipline, and self motivation. This later led to becoming a performer , which allowed him to develop excellence in communication skills.
He then took a sidestep into Artistic Direction and Management for arts organisations and projects where he was fortunate to have the opportunity to hone leadership skills. For the last few years, Regan has worked around the country on many creative projects, with his final posting being directing a local Papakura production of Mamma Mia, which he is proud to say sold out all its shows a month before it opened! Prior to this Regan worked for Auckland Council.

Retiring from entertainment, Regan comes into Real Estate with a wide range of skills. A strong communicator, a firm negotiator, extremely driven and self motivated, with an eye and an ear for what people are needing. An avid networker in the local community, he is also wildly and madly creative, which is a strong asset when it comes to standing out from the status quo. Most of all, Regan has a passion for making people happy, helping them succeed and to achieve their goals. When not out and about working, Regan enjoys writing and conducing music, motorcyling, and spending time with his dog, Bubba. 

"I hope I have the privilege of playing a small role in your journey in real estate, whether it be to buy, or to sell."